Dental prophylaxis aims to prevent diseases of the teeth and periodontium (tissues surrounding the teeth).

Professional hygienic procedures aim at improving the aesthetics, but first of all at strengthening your teeth.

We can count on success in this area by supplementing home prophylaxis (oral hygiene) with professional dental assistance. Systematic check-ups give the patient and the dentist control over the condition of the oral cavity, which results in a beautiful and healthy smile.

In our office, we place particular emphasis on prevention and health promotion by educating small and adult patients on oral hygiene. Apart from choosing the method of brushing, hygienic measures and changing bad hygienic habits, we will adjust an individual oral cavity prophylaxis plan.

As soon as teeth erupt, dental deposits appear on their surface. They can also form on fillings and various types of prosthetic and orthodontic appliances in the oral cavity.

Which deposits do we distinguish?

If the soft deposits are not removed, in this case the bacterial plaque, after 24 hours becomes mineralized and transforms into tartar. The process of calcification (mineralization) is nothing else than saturation of the plaque with minerals from saliva.
The factors that influence the composition and structure of the plaque are: bacteria, diet, saliva composition, anatomical conditions,
the cleaning action of the tongue and cheeks and hygienic practices.