Orthodontics deals with the treatment of malocclusion, jaw-facial defects and correction of dental irregularities. In short, it corrects the abnormal position of teeth and jaws.

This is most often done by fitting removable (removable) or fixed braces. They cause the teeth to move into the correct place. The braces put pressure on teeth and jaws, so for the first few days the patient may feel slight pain and tenderness.

Whether the treatment is successful depends on the severity of the problem. After the consultation we choose an appropriate orthodontic treatment programme. They are performed in patients of all ages for preventive and aesthetic reasons.

The decision about braces may be dictated not only by visual values, but mainly by health. It should be remembered that teeth which are crooked are more difficult to clean, which makes it easier to get tooth decay. Sometimes the malocclusion may affect the head, neck, back and shoulder pain.