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In fact, the first visit should take place when the first deciduous tooth appears, that is between 6 and 12 months of your baby's life. This is the best moment for the little patient to come to the dental surgery. The dentist can check at what stage the teeth are erupting, whether there are any abnormalities, but also teach the parents how to take care of the child's oral hygiene from an early age, how to massage the gums to relieve the child from painful eruption of the teeth, and will tell what to pay special attention to when choosing oral hygiene products.

Of course, a deciduous tooth, just like permanent teeth, has innervations and, unfortunately, in the case of pulp disease it can hurt. Therefore, never underestimate if your child reports any pain in milk teeth. Analogically to permanent teeth, in milk teeth there is inflammation of the pulp and further complications connected with it. Milk teeth are also treated by root canal therapy. In the case of children in the period of transition from milk teeth to permanent teeth (5-12 years of age), untreated milk teeth spread bacteria to the permanent ones and infect them with caries. Milk teeth also have the function of "space maintainers" for permanent teeth. Their premature loss can result in many complex malocclusions, which is why it is so important to keep them in good health

If you are thinking of a visit with an infant, there is no need to be particularly prepared. Just take the little patient with you and inform him about the purpose of your "expedition". In the case of an older child of pre-school age, you may be tempted to buy themed books, for example "Zuzia goes to the dentist", "The dentist visit", "Max and the dentist". It is also good to see the famous Peppa Pig and the hilarious episode about the dentist. In addition, school children will enjoy watching the series "Było sobie życie" ("It was a life") and the episode about the mouth. It is worth talking a lot about it and, what is most important, not to tell your child how it used to be in our times and how much it hurt 🙂 And to play we recommend a great set - Play Doh Dentist 🙂 .