Offer for children

Offer for adults

For adult patients we have on offer:

Wszystkie wizyty przebiegają w komfortowej, rodzinnej atmosferze.

And your little ones can look forward to a visit with us:

Wand is a computer-assisted anaesthetic that administers anaesthetic fluid to your baby in an extremely gentle, painless and effective way. Thanks to this, the child does not feel any pain either during the anaesthesia or during the procedure. The device consists of a small computer and a tube with a pen-like tip, in which a small, thin needle is hidden. The doctor gently applies the tip to the area where the anaesthetic needs to be administered and the computer controls the rate at which the anaesthetic fluid is administered.

Our office belongs to an elite group of surgeries where the patient can be anaesthetised with a computer. Traditional methods of anaesthesia using a syringe are associated by patients with pain during injection of the anaesthetic and numbness of the face, which persists long after the procedure.

Wand anaesthesia is a great alternative to a traditional anaesthetic injection.

Dziecko wymaga szczególnej łagodności i troski o psychologiczny komfort wizyty. Wand umożliwia aplikację znieczuleń bez strzykawki i bez bólu. Znakomicie ułatwia pracę z dzieckiem.

Treating children can be difficult... but not for us!

Sometimes, when children have had unpleasant experiences and are anxious about dental treatment, we help ourselves with laughing gas.

In our office we use safe nitrous oxide, which allows patients to relax during the visit. We recommend this method especially for older children who are afraid of the visit and panic.

Before a procedure with nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, it is worth remembering certain things, namely:

Treatment in Podtlentek is also recommended to our adult patients who are not fond of dental visits, although, as you know, with us it is different, better, nicer 🙂 but it is always worth using the laughing gas 🙂