Missing teeth are a problem for many people. If these teeth are located at the back of the jaw, in an invisible place, we usually do nothing about it. However, the problem is with missing teeth in the front, which are already very visible, even with normal speaking.

Fortunately, modern dentistry makes it possible to replace missing teeth in a simple and permanent way. It is, of course, implants, and the field dealing with them is implantology. In our office we have a team experienced in implantology, which will restore your former beautiful smile.

What specifically are implants?

These are specially made artificial tooth roots that replace that lost tooth. They are usually made of titanium or zirconium, which makes them really durable.

Many people are afraid of implantation, which is understandable but not necessary, as everything is done under local anaesthesia. First, an implant is placed in the patient’s bone to replace the root. It is something like a screw, to which the whole tooth is then “screwed”. In this way the dentition is reconstructed.

The period of convalescence is individual for each patient. This is when the body has to accept the implant and the wound has to heal. Usually the process of implant stabilisation lasts 6 months and during this period the place is protected with a temporary crown.