The only such office in Silesia

We welcome small and large patients for whom professionalism and a friendly atmosphere are important.

We have been treating children and adults for many years, focusing on the needs of both children and adults.

Often patients come to us with bad memories and fear of treatment. That is why this first meeting with us is so important.

We focus on a friendly atmosphere, we do not do anything against the will of even the youngest patients. A very important element is the adaptation visit.

It is during such a visit that the little patient gets to know all the equipment, can touch everything, smell everything, play with the water blower and fetch water from a cup. He also has a chance to get to know all the aunts and uncles working in our surgeries. A play area with blocks, colouring books and puzzles awaits children in the waiting room. During the visit, the doctor explains everything in a fairytale-like manner. Children learn about the history of worms and their houses. Pictures of the teeth are taken, which we all later watch together on the monitor, and after each visit there are drawers with prizes, brushing calendars and diplomas waiting for the little patient.

We are pleased to invite you to visit us and find out more about our offices.

The place we invite you to is the result of our dream to work in conditions as comfortable as possible for the Patient, which makes the work of a dentist easier and more effective. It often happens that patients do not even want to leave the office. We have a full range of dental services, in each field you will be under the care of outstanding specialists in our surgeries.